Tractors from 22 HP and beyond.

With a good array of stock on site and an even bigger one at hand, it is certain that whatever your application, we can assemble the right working tractor for your needs.


Massey Ferguson:

  • MF400: 80-100HP

    Dependable and hard-working mid-horsepower tractors

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  • MF2600: 38 - 74 HP

    Massey Ferguson Powerful Utility Tractors Proven power and efficiency

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  • MF3600: 84-102 HP

    V-S-F Specialist Models Agile, powerful and versatile

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  • MF4600: 80-100HP

    Massey Ferguson Utility Tractors Proven power and efficiency

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  • MF4700: 74-82HP

    Massey Ferguson Global Series The new workhorses of the world.

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  • MF5600: 85-120HP

    The most powerful compact tractor available

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  • MF6600: 120-140HP

    The most powerful, compact 4 cylinder tractor available

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  • MF7600: 140-235 HP

    Power, performance and efficiency - Award winning machinery from MF

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  • MF8600: 320 & 370 HP

    Powerful farming with performance and economy

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  • MF8700: 270-370 HP

    Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence

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2nd hand tractors for sale: check back soon!

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